Green Reachable - Environmental Impact and Awareness

As the human population of the planet grows larger and larger, the cumulative effects on the environment have increased to the point where mankind now has a significant impact upon the planet, as well as each individual's local surroundings and environment. The increasing demand for numerous finite natural resources, including living space, means that natural habitats are being destroyed in order to use the land for settlement or commercial activities. The larger population also has a greater need for manufactured goods and electricity, which results in an increased amount of pollution being released into the air, soil and watercourses.

In the face of such rising demand and environmental impact, it would at first glance seem that reducing pollution and damage to the environment is an unreachable goal. However, attitudes have changed within the last couple of decades, and greater levels of environmental awareness and green initiatives such as recycling schemes have made a significant start on the road to achieving that once unreachable goal of saving the planet from total environmental destruction.

NEBOSH Environmental Certificate at Associated Training

Along with individuals, many businesses too have changed their attitudes over the last ten or twenty years. Similar to health and safety in Victorian factories, attitudes towards the environment have been swung largely through public opinion and pressure for them to change their ways. As far as a business is concerned, if they are seen to be big polluters or have environmentally-damages practices, the harm to their reputation can have a devastating effect on profit levels as potential customers shun their products in protest. The global reach of the internet and social media sites means that a company's activities can be exposed to people across the world in a very short period of time, tarnishing their reputation across the world literally overnight.

This change in business attitudes has led to a surge in demand for environmental qualifications for new or existing employees which not only help the company comply with new environmental legislation, but also to go above and beyond the minimum requirements and be seen to 'go green' by actively trying to keep their environmental impact to a minimum, or even improve their local surroundings.

Environmental Qualifications and Training:

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